Ed 200

Beginnings are sacred. They encapsulate hope and vision. They are touchstones, deliberate pathways across the terrain we call our lives. Beginnings are precious and yet also ordinary. Every day, every hour, every breath–an opportunity to reset, to focus upon a particular meaning, a deeper intention.

And yet, when the designated moment arrives, when we carve newness from a  space within our lives, then even the mundane feels extraordinary!

This night begins a new experience for me as I consecrate this blog.

I begin with blessing.

I bless this sacred space of dots and digits and codes. I bless the words and images that shape and share meaning. I bless the virtual world, an extension of reality and a place that many inhabit mentally and emotionally. I bless the World Wide Web and its cyber cafes, its clubs and hangouts. I bless its sanctuaries and safe houses. Like fire, the Internet is a tool of liberation and power. I bless its ability to warm and to consume.

I bless all who visit this page and read these words. I bless my friends and family, all who’ve touched my life with gifts dark and light. Those offerings have shaped me and infused my life with their own particular hues of meaning. But without those colors, my own stories would somehow be diminished. I bless the Lorian Association for supporting this new beginning and my vision.

I bless myself. I bless myself sitting in a cluttered room, surrounded by my beloved books and collections of my own ideas spilling from loose pages and journals in piles beside the computer desk, randomly arranged on shelves, and stuffed in plastic bins. I bless myself, vulnerable and imperfect. I bless myself exposed, struggling to find the next word. I bless myself for returning, again and again, as Rumi urges–no matter how many times I have broken my vow. 

I bless this sacred task. To write. To share my personal explorations of Incarnational Spirituality. To invite others to share their stories. To contemplate what it means to be incarnated beings. To wrestle with and yet embody this contemplation in my own particular way, and support others in living out their faith and spirituality.

I am surrounded by guides, seen and unseen. I am grateful. I am surrounded by the natural world and embraced by the forest within. I am grateful. I am surrounded by friends near and far. I am grateful. I am contemplating God and I am the tiniest pinprick of a thought or memory in comparison with the Vastness that contains all vision and all blessing. I am grateful.