Sacred Remembrance

Last night while chatting with my friend Terri, her face suddenly flushed. Quickly, she pulled her hair up, revealing beads of sweat across the back of her neck.

Hot flash.

“Wow,” I said. “Not looking forward to that. Wonder what God was thinking….”

Reaching for a water bottle, she shrugged. “Well, you know Eve.”


It’s funny how hard wired it is, the story of Original Sin. Adam, Eve, the Serpent–and banishment from God’s pristine Garden. Of course there are other Creations myths that hold considerable influence in our human societies (and it’s interesting how many of these vastly different tales overlap in key areas!), but especially in the United States, no matter our cultural backgrounds, it often feels like all our personal histories start with The Fall.

But is this not also true of Incarnational Spirituality? Well, from my perspective, all of the Creation myths hold value as they, alongside science and technology and other advances in human civilization, record the history of our physical and psychological evolution, spiritual advancement and potentiality in general. But, really, in the context of IS, the story that frames the entire backdrop of the work is the one behind Eden and the paradise we seem to have lost. It’s the story of Creation itself, as viewed through the lens of a single human life.


But where does this story behind Eden originate? Though I will write about the history of Incarnational Spirituality in greater depth in upcoming weeks, for now I’d like to reference the inner research and spiritual teachings of David Spangler as being very influential in the grounding of this story. At the same time I’d like to clarify that Lorian Association was founded not on the instruction of David as much as the field of resonance those teachings generated in others with similar understanding.

And this distinction makes sense given the one trait that immediately distinguishes Incarnational Spirituality from many other spiritual systems: the belief that an innate spiritual authority is automatically granted to each and every human being at birth. No matter how chaotic and messed up our lives, years and decades later, may seem, there is an inner light that speaks to this sacred remembrance.

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