The Holy Book Called the Human Being


If mankind has the power to draw additional spiritual scriptures out of the depth of itself, why do we have to wait for a tyrant to burn our Bibles before we let ourselves create further expressions of the spirit? If it is indeed true that each human soul contains a Bible within itself, may it not be that each person contains the possibility of new spiritual events and awarenesses taking place in his and her own experience? –Ira Progoff

Does God still speak?

In some Christian churches there is considerable debate as to whether or not the prophetic nature of God even still exists. Actually, some fundamentalist  communities believe that God does not speak apart from the Holy Scriptures at all, that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus was God’s final message.

But Ira Progoff raises an interesting hypothesis: is it “indeed true that each human soul contains a Bible within itself?”

I know some people who, if the world were in danger of losing all of its Bibles, would devote themselves to preserving these texts in memory, as many of the great stories of our civilization were once carried within us.  This would be a sacred and most necessary task. Yet if each human life is, in and of itself, a holy scripture, then wouldn’t attuning to that inherent sacredness be another sacred task?

Incarnational Spirituality roots itself at this particular point of sacredness. God does speak within us. In our sinews and tissues. In our blood. In our birth. And while this may seem contrary to people from more conservative religious backgrounds, I recall hearing in church a number of times the phrase, “Sometimes you are the only Bible a person will ever read!” The implication, of course, was that the way we lived spoke to those around us of our relationship with Christ. But, in retrospect, there was an Incarnational grain buried in this perspective.

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