Why Incarnational Spirituality?


During a layover at the Atlanta International Airport earlier this year, a conversation with a stranger about our lives led to the inevitable question: “What is Incarnational Spirituality?”

When this woman asked about my background, it seemed natural to tell her about Lorian Association and my study of Incarnational Spirituality. But as she responded with the inevitable question, for a moment I struggled to answer.

There’s no cultural context in the world we live in for the one we’re envisioning. So I started my explanation with the mythos of the world as it is.

“Well, many of us believe that life on earth is a punishment because Adam and Eve ate an apple and got ousted from Eden. Or we spend lifetimes trying to get off the karmic wheel and reach some divine state where we’re free of attachment, of illusion and the trappings of earth. But what if we collectively told ourselves a different story about our lives? What if Earth isn’t the penal colony of the Cosmos where people get sent because we’re screw-ups and need to work our way back to the grace of God? What if, like Jesus, we all came here because we were called, and that calling was seen as a gift and not an obligation for payment of sin? How might that change our relationships with each other and with the Earth itself?”

“It would change things quite a bit,” she responded.

The more I reflect upon that conversation, the more I realize that the question at the heart of the one people ask has nothing to do with what Incarnational Spirituality is. There are so many different pathways to God that it’s hard to track them all.

Why then does this world need yet another belief system? Still another updated take on this ancient theme? Don’t the bibles and spiritual texts already written cover everything we need to know? Doesn’t that creation myth alluded to above contain more truth than anything I could ever find in a watered down, re-imagined version?

Why Incarnational Spirituality?

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